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Responsive webdesign

With the number of people browsing the internet with mobile devices rising so overwhelmingly, creating professional webshops and webpages with perfect user experience on all platforms became an art as complex as composing a symphony. If you don't want your usual wedding band to write it, give us a call!

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Festival app

  • + Detailed program, venue, modules
  • + GPS based venue map
  • + Collect "my favourite events"
  • + Set alarm to never miss a gig
  • + for Android and iOS
  • + Customizable with many modules

Mobile marketing

Fresh information always at your hands

The whole world in a single code

Feel the robust power of social media

Games are not for only children anymore

Let's play... everywhere

140 characters are more than enough if well targeted


About us

Mobinga is a creative communication agency focused on mobile-web technologies, social marketing and creative branding. Mobinga joins a constantly growing number of young professionals, who are each experts in their fields, but as a team they can rock the world.



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